Wreckers are known for everything in Melbourne except trust. Yet, this is a perception that is hardly fair or true.

Trusted Auto Wreckers Melbourne

Melbourne has many Auto Wreckers who are not only trustworthy but who also go above and beyond the call of duty to give their customers a price and value for their vehicles they would simply struggle to get elsewhere.

Auto Wreckers Melbourne

Car Wreckers

What Auto Wreckers do?

  1. They buy old and accident damaged cars and salvage them for parts – these parts they sell to second-hand car parts dealers in Melbourne or other states in Australia


  1. What they also do, however, is dispose off old car parts that are not working in ways that are eco-friendly. Good Auto Wreckers will always degrease and clean engine parts of fluid and oil before they get rid of them, so they don’t contaminate the Earth’s surface


  1. A car’s metal body is toxic when it has paint still on it – Wreckers will strip a car’s body of paint before they recycle it at metal recycling plants.


This process ensures a method of car disposal that is ‘eco-friendly’ – and that works for customers as well as the environment on which we all depend for existence.


Auto Wreckers are an important part of local communities

They take away cars that have become eyesores and that have been left abandoned in the streets by unscrupulous elements.

They also provide car parts at a cheaper price than new car parts showrooms do.

For price and value, Auto Wreckers are hard to go past when it comes to buying second-hand parts for cars in Australia.


A good Car Wrecker is upfront and honest with their business and the way they go about it

Their model is simple – they buy old cars nobody else wants.

It’s a basic model but it’s one that pays, above all – the bills!

Wreckers make a profit that is small, not extravagant, when they recycle your car. Part of this profit, they share, out of the goodness of their hearts – with you.


Wreckers will buy your car – also remove it for you for FREE

How does this work? Well, first, they will buy your car – giving you cash for it. No questions asked.

Then, they will tow it away to their yard or to the Tip if it’s really dilapidated – at their cost – saving you at least $95 through the process.


City Wreckers will pay you an excellent price for any vehicle you may no longer need or want

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