Scrap Metal is an important and valuable commodity for many industries. To sell scrap metal also allows more eco-friendly forms of production. But how much is it selling for today? Well, the answer can vary depending on who you’re asking.



One report shows that some of the leading metals are sold as follows:

  •         Bright Copper Wire – $6.38 per kilogram
  •         Heavy Copper – $5.71 per kilogram
  •         Copper Tanks – $5.04 per kilogram
  •         Braziery Copper – $4.70 per kilogram
  •         Brass – $4.20 per kilogram
  •         Foamy Tanks and Lead Wash – $3.70 per kilogram
  •         High-Grade PVC Wire – $2.86 per kilogram
  •         PVC Wire – $2.02 per kilogram
  •         Lead – $1.85 per kilogram
  •         316 Stainless Steel – $1.68 per kilo
  •         316 Stainless Turnings – $1.34
  •         Aluminium Cable with Copper – $1.34 per kilo

Do You Own a Junk Car? Why Not Sell It for a Top Cash for Cars Payment with City Wrecker Melbourne?

If you own a junk car that’s not going to be taking any road-trips any time soon, you can still sell it for a Top Dollar sum thanks to City Wrecker Melbourne. Most Car Buyers need your vehicle to be of sound condition so that they can resell it or own it, but City Wrecker Melbourne guarantees to pay Cash for Cars in any condition, age, make and model. We purchase vehicles to recycle their valuable auto parts and scrap metals.

Some of these auto parts include:

  •         Bumpers
  •         Battery
  •         Catalytic Converters
  •         Tyres, Rims, Wheels
  •         Doors
  •         Windows
  •         Seats
  •         Gearbox
  •         Engine Parts
  •         Starter Motor
  •         Panels
  •         Air Conditioning System
  •         Stereo System
  •         And Many More

Why not make the most of your unwanted vehicle and sell it for an ‘Instant Cash for Cars’ payment today with City Wrecker Melbourne?

Why Pay for Towing When City Wrecker Offers Free Car Removals Melbourne Wide?

Getting rid of an old or unwanted vehicle is easier than you think. You can say goodbye to towing fees, as we provide Free Car Removals which are available the same day you contact us. Our team can be with you at the drop of a hat and cover all of Melbourne.

How City Wrecker’s Melbourne Car Removal Service Works

First, give us a call and tell us about your unwanted vehicle. From its description – which may include its make, model and condition – we’ll give you a quick quote in no time. You can also get a quote online. After saying yes to our offer, book your appointment with us at the most convenient day and time for you.

Next, our team will arrive and go through the paperwork with you. We’ll bring this for free, you simply need to bring photo ID and proof of ownership. You’ll then be paid on the spot.

Lastly, your vehicle will be towed by our Experienced Car Removal team, along with our state-of-the-art tow trucks. All this within minutes of our arrival!

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