Do you live in Melbourne and are looking for that unique Auto Part for your vehicle? Well, no
longer do you need to go through the hassles of searching through a million Auto Parts of
varied quality because City Wrecker Melbourne can provide for you high-quality Old or New
Auto Parts. We also pay up to $9,999 to buy Used Cars to obtain their Auto parts that are in
good, working condition.

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We Come with the Guarantee of Genuine Auto Parts In Good Condition

Unlike some sellers of New or Used Car Parts, City Wrecker Melbourne is dedicated to
providing an uncompromising range of high-quality products at an affordable price for
Melbourne motorists. All of our Used Car Parts are in A1 Condition. Our parts aren’t damaged,
nor will they break or fall apart in the near future after you’ve already bought it. City Car
Wreckers Melbourne take the quality of our parts very seriously and we seek 100% customer

We Provide a Used Car Parts Melbourne Service for All Car Brands

When searching for New or Used Car Parts in Melbourne, some businesses may not only vary in
quality but also feature a limited number of Car Brands. City Wrecker Melbourne sells parts
from all Car Brands and takes no preference. We buy all car brands – every make and model, so
there’s a high chance that you’ll find the part that you’re looking for.

We sell new and used car parts for:
 Toyota
 Holden
 Nissan
 Mitsubishi
 Ford
 Subaru
 Hyundai
 Mazda
 Suzuki
 Kia
 Audi
 Honda

Finding The Car Part You Want Is Quick And Easy With Us

Simply type in the car part you need or enter your vehicle details on our Online Parts Locator to
find out if we stock the car part that you’re looking for.

We Have a Rigorous Car Wrecking & Testing Process

We do Car Wrecking & Car Recycling on-site, not compromising on the quality of parts that we
choose to sell. We also purchase vehicles in any condition, make or model, paying up to $9,999
for vehicles. We buy cars ‘as is’, so sellers don’t have to worry about making repairs to the cars
before selling it to us. We provide an Authentic Car Wrecking service that motorists can rely on
every time. Our Experienced and Fully Licensed Car Wreckers will happily help you with any
questions or help that you need.

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