At City Wreckers, we are experts in wrecking all kinds, brands and conditions of cars in Melbourne.

Defining Car Wrecking

Car Wrecking is a method of dismantling parts from your unusable car. When you are selling your car to City Wreckers Melbourne because your vehicle is inoperable or badly damaged that no one’s willing to pay for it, you’re taking the right steps. We are genuine car wreckers who buy all kinds and conditions of cars in Melbourne. You can now sell your unwanted, broken, damaged, used, old, scrap, wrecked or any other condition car to us for wrecking.

These cars may be absolutely inoperable; we would still buy from you, and pay top cash offer up to $9,999!

Wrecking Process – How it Works

Wrecking a car requires knowledgeable and experienced technicians. The process is straightforward. We usually buy inoperable cars from you, cars that are damaged, old, used, wrecked, broken or scrap. We use tow trucks to load those cars and drive to our wrecking yard.

Once the cars arrive at our yard, our Wreckers will conduct a thorough scan. We will safely dispose of any hazardous and inflammable fluids and parts before we carefully take away all the operable, A1 conditioned car parts. These parts are sold off at reasonable prices. The other car parts, metal bodies, etc are wrecked and then recycled to be used as other materials. Call (03) 9315 4000

Get Your Car Wreck in 3 Simple Steps

Car buying and towing away are simple tasks compared to wrecking. A car wrecking process involves an authentic wrecking yard, well experienced and skillful wreckers, and sophisticated tools and equipment. Now is the chance to get your unwanted, old, scrap car wrecked by us in 3 simple steps!

  • Step One
    The first step starts with your phone call! Call and talk to one of our friendly representatives about the condition, year and model of your car. We will get back to you with an estimated quote. If you accept our quote, we’ll move onto step two.
  • Step Two
    We will book an appointment with you based on the time, place, and data provided by you. On the given day, our technician will arrive at your location with our towing truck and cash in hand. We will also bring the necessary paperwork that our staff will complete for you. While we look into your car, you can sign the papers and get cash up to $9,999!
  • Step Three
    Once everything is completed, we will load your unwanted, broken or scrap car in our tow truck and take it for wrecking.

The process of selling your car for wrecking is simple. It is us who do the challenging task of wrecking your car and to ensure that no harm is done to the environment at the same time.

Saving the Environment Through Wrecking

Why is wrecking so important for us? At City Wreckers, we want to give you a stress-free, hassle-free solution of getting rid of your car. Because your scrap car is a gem for us. We will take out the working, conditioned parts from your car and sell them at a better, cheaper price to those who are looking for the best conditioned, second-hand auto parts.

Before we start Car Wrecking, we will dispose of all the hazardous fluids and other inflammable parts safely. Then we will start wrecking your car, which includes the metal body, using eco-friendly methods, ensuring the safety of our environment and to keep it green. Those parts which can’t be wrecked are recycled for a better purpose. Call (03) 9315 4000

Content author: Clixpert Full Service Digital Agency

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