Here’s where you can buy fan belts, bonnets and more for your car at a good price.

Let’s face it, car companies are making more money than they should.

You buy a new car at a discount of $5000, then you pay the car companies $10,000 or more for spare parts during your car’s life. Which could be 10 or 15 years – if you’re lucky.

Is it worth it?

At City Wreckers Melbourne, we don’t believe so. But hey, we’re Wreckers, so you’d expect us to take everything car manufacturers say with a pinch of salt. A tablespoon is full of it.

Car parts shouldn’t have to cost as much as they do

Shopping for a brand-new fender, bonnet or rear-view mirror for a Suzuki Vitara, RAV 4, BMW, Porsche or Hyundai makes you quickly realise how overpriced new car parts are.

But what can you do?

You can shop for second hand or used car parts online at Car Wreckers Melbourne.

Over 100,000 used car parts in stock

Melbourne Wreckers has been wrecking and recycling cars for more than ten years.

Before we wreck cars, we remove the parts that are working and recondition them. We make them as good as new. Reusable, in essence.

We provide full guarantees on the parts we sell. And only sell what we know will work for our client base which is growing in leaps and bounds.

Has someone stolen a tail light, rear view mirror or windscreen wiper?

The world is a cruel place. The good news is you can get a replacement from City Wreckers Melbourne no matter where in Australia you are, the same day or the next day.

This is how it works:

1. You look at our website and find the part you are looking for (if you can’t find it – just call us, we’ll find it for you)

2. We confirm we have the used car part in stock

3. You place your order and pay for it using your credit card or through bank transfer don’t worry- we are a licensed used car parts dealer – we do not store your credit card details on our site or online or in any database on our premises
4. We courier your part to you within a few hours – if you’re in Melbourne you’ll receive your part the same day if you place your order early in the morning. If not, you’ll receive your car part the next day.

If you’re in Northern Territories or WA, it may take a bit longer for your part to reach you.

You can shop with confidence with us

We’ve been in the car wrecking and used car parts online business for long enough to know it like we know the back of our hand. We give all our customers a Satisfaction Guarantee. If the part we supply is not working, we will replace it with one that is. That is our guarantee to you.

To find your part, either use our Car Part Finder online at or call us on (03) 9315 4000 Monday to Friday 7 am – 5 pm or Saturday 8 am – 4 pm.

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